Monday, December 5, 2011

Thank you Slow Foods!

This past weekend we had the opportunity to showcase our Homestead Cider at the Slow Foods Show at the New Amsterdam Market and Jimmy's No.43. We'd like to thank:
-Branka Ruzak, for her work orchestrating the event and for her constant watch during the two-day stretch.
-Robert Lavalva, and to all at N.A.M, the city's best market.
-Sara Grady, who spotted this opportunity for us and put the wheels in motion.
-Jimmy's No.43, not just for hosting Saturday, but for promoting cider year-round.
-Our fellow vendors, for their professionalism and enthusiasm.
-And to all who sampled! I'm amazed at the cider-savvy out there, sharing our drink with you has made the entire year's farm and cellar work worth while.

So you know: Betting the farm on cider, our only product, has been a leap of faith rather then a sound business decision. Though we navigate blindly, our goal is still to find you and share our brand of historic, farm-centric cider with today's cider culture. Since we live on a farm, mostly isolated from the people we seek to serve, this past weekend has meant a great deal to us. It was like coming out of a long dark tunnel into the glory of light. Truly, thanks.