Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Cidery is committed to reestablishing cider as Americas table beverage and aims to appease gourmet tastes by educating consumers about the complex variety of apples leading to even greater variety in blended ciders (apple-wine.) Wine and beer combined don't offer the variety available to artisan cider craftsman.

We are also committed to preserving land for farm use. In our area, 75 miles from the nations largest city, land has a high value. Not only do new farmers have to compete with housing investors for land purchase, we also have to pay high taxes because of the land assessed value. We believe that farming is important near large cities and we aim to make local farming economically competitive with housing development. We are not wealthy land owners: we want to show that moral land management is not a luxury and it can be done on a private level by regular hard-working people.