Thursday, May 6, 2010

More on less sprays

Every inch of earth around us is combed over by an animal. Be it a squirrel, bird, rabbit, or whatever- not a single blade of grass is skipped over. I know this from our geese who keep 1,000 square feet of grass PERFECTLY mowed. Yet as I see weeds shoot up in my garden, like most Americans, I compulsively think of an easy solution for weed-killing. What about those geese!?! How can I lay down a chemical when I can be 100% sure that if my geese stumble across that area they will ingest the poison? This is what RoundUp and other weed-killers don't want you to do: put two and two together and think of animals as you picture your garden. But is it just for "our" animals that we don't spray? Are the only animals we care about pets? Of course not. But it helps to think of all the world's animals as pets when we consider, amongst other reasons, why we should avoid easy chemical weed-killers.

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