Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A plug for taste.

Imagine if the only goal in art was to "Save the Artist"...
it didn't matter what the art looked like,
it didn't matter if the art was inspirational or spoke to people,
it didn't matter if the artist had talent,
it didn't matter if the art was beautiful,
and it didn't even matter if the art was seen by anyone,
all that matters in this imaginary scenario is that we, the buyers, support artists so that they can keep doing what they do, "making art."
The thinking behind this is: If we can save the artist an entire economy can continue sucking in dollars and everyone involved gets to keep their jobs.

   Well, it's that system of commerce that caused me to run- not walk- away from the art world.  Success, as measured in dollars, does not support the art itself, but only the people who make their living off of it.  And it's that very threat which will destroy cider too. Is this drink a flash-in-the-pan value-added product, or will we all be drinking cider 30 years from now? If you are worried about jobs I can tell you the cider will suffer. Just focus on the art itself and not the ability to sell it. And if you insist on putting the trade above the product, I'll toast you with champagne in 2043.

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