Sunday, January 27, 2013

More Cider

I regret being so disparaging on recent posts. Really, I want to encourage as many cider makers as possible, licensed or otherwise. The goal is not to allow cider to become an industry of "efficiency".  In some ways, it was the first to succumb to the economy-of-scale 100 years ago when the modern world rewarded the companies that did things bigger, faster, cheaper and in greater quantity then their competition,  Now cider has the chance to be the first (OK, the second- the micro beer movement is proving first) industry to prove those 20th century business ideas wrong.  In fact, 100 cideries will employ about 20x the people of just one cidery producing the same number of gallons.  It's not as "efficient", nobody will become "Wall Street rich", but the diversity in the product is good for customer.  MORE CIDER MAKERS!

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