Sunday, June 14, 2015

AB Cider Varieiteis (at least, how I think of them)

 Most people simply drink cider in the situations they assume appropriate. Being comfortable with something is good thing, and one should ultimately enjoy cider and wine by personalizing it to situations, but I think we tend to get stuck in routines which prevent us from discovering certain qualities and the drink's full potential.  I'm anxious to hear when and where you find the ciders most appropriate, but for now here are my thoughts...

-Ginger Cider is, to me, a summer drink best chilled and drank during the day. It's bubbly and gingery and our nearest thing to not dry. It is a "walking around" cider.  
-Appinette is a Champagne drinkers cider. It too can be a walking around cider but it's very, very good with foods, especially beginning courses. Switch to Elderberry for the latter dinner.
-Elderberry cider is like a light-bodied red-wine but deep in heavy characteristics: woody and berry notes. It's the ultimate table/ food drink. 
-Homestead Perry is a "study it" experience. Blind fold yourself and drink it slow. Go where it goes.
-Homestead Apple (all of them) is the same way. It goes great with foods, especially buttery rich foods, but it's a real interesting drink to evaluate on it's own.
-Homestead Crabapple is what we would all drink if it could be mass-produced. I seriously doubt that there is a drink in existence that can compete with the vitality or complexity, while still remaining drool-over drinkable. Sorry, no way to shark-tank this drink (and keep the authenticity.)

If you want a party/ "having-company" cider: Ginger and Appinette
Pure dinner cider: Appinette, Elderberry cider, and Homestead apple or crabapple
Cider for cider's sake: all of the Homestead ciders and perry.

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