Friday, December 4, 2015

You still there?

Readers of this blog- both of them- will note the dwindling frequency of posts over the years. That's not because I'm running out of opinions! It has more to do with my lack of enthusiasm voicing shared opinions, now that the larger food trend has swung my direction. Increasingly people are leaving the city, starting agricultural-related businesses, and finding a spiritual connection to the land. It's not on me to constantly post my journey now that so many "in this trend" are armed with marketing and social media backgrounds. They do professionally what I do as a diary.
But I vow to keep occasionally posting on this page simply to voice the opinions which are too verbose for my more frequented Facebook account. (I all but gave up on Twitter for its forced brevity of thought. I suppose it's more designed for "connecting", which has always been my Achilles heal.) So if both of you are still alive, rejoice: Another posting! 

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